Steve Coogan confirms Alan Partridge is now a mix of Piers Morgan and Richard Madeley

Steve Coogan confirms Alan Partridge is now a mix of Piers Morgan and Richard Madeley
Richard Madeley compared to Alan Partridge after GMB appearance

Alan Partridge has always been one of the best observed comedy creations in UK comedy, and North Norfolk’s greatest broadcaster has changed a great deal since he was first introduced 30 years ago.

His creator, Steve Coogan, has now spoken about what inspires him whenever he plays the role, and he’s revealed which celebrities he believes most resembles Partridge in the real world.

Who is the most like Partridge in 2022, according to him? Piers Morgan and Richard Madeley.

“Almost every presenter has had a Partridge moment,” he said during an interview with BBC Breakfast.

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When asked by presenter Naga Muchetty who most resembled the character now, he replied: “I suppose if you fused Richard Madeley with Piers Morgan you might get close to who Partridge is at the moment.”

He added: “I think Alan likes to think of himself as cutting edge and edgy and relevant.”

“He started out as a buffoon… there’s a bit of affection for him now. Although he’s misguided and ill-informed, he’s not nasty, he’s not wicked. He tries to do the right thing.

“I think people see a slightly inept uncle or their parents’ generation getting things wrong.”

It’s far from the first time Patridge has been compared to Madeley.

Who is most like Partridge?Getty/Trevor Leighton

In fact, if you line up some of Madeley’s quotes next to some of Patridges’s, then they’re pretty hard to tell apart.

Madeley even previously said he doesn’t mind people having a laugh at his expense but does feel that some of the comparisons to the comedy character are a bit unfair.

Partridge first appeared on TV in the 1994 series The Day Today, before the shows Knowing Me, Knowing You, I’m Alan Partridge and This Time with Alan Partridge.

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