The Simpsons fans plead for actors to retire after hearing Mr Burns’ voice in new episode

The Simpsons fans plead for actors to retire after hearing Mr Burns’ voice in new episode
Who Shot Mr Burns? Simpsons episode

Fans of The Simpsons are begging for the voice actors to retire after hearing Mr Burns’ voice in a new episode.

The animated comedy sitcom has been on our screens since 1990, becoming possibly one of the most well-known shows of all-time.

Over the years the show has changed with the times, as Homer no longer strangles his son Bart and the recognisable voices of the actors have changed as they have aged.

A new episode of the long-running show has left fans shocked after hearing the voice of Mr Burns and how different it sounds.

Over the years, the character has been voiced by several different people, though he is most notably recognisable as being voiced by the actor Harry Shearer.

A portion of an episode from the show’s 35th season went viral on X/Twitter, after fans noticed Mr Burns’ voice, played by 80-year-old Shearer, is very different now.

Sharing the clip, the X/Twitter user wrote: “Burns’ voice is just brutal, man. Let these people retire in peace.”

In the comments, one person pointed out: “Harry Shearer now sounds too old to play a 100-year-old man.”

Another said: “Good God just end it already.”

“I genuinely don't understand why they refuse to recast. It's clearly not because they don't want the characters to sound different, because they already sound unrecognizable right now.

“What do they get by paying these actors millions of dollars over recasting with young talent?” someone else questioned.

Speaking to The Independent last year, Shearer spoke about the longevity of The Simpsons and what it has meant to him.

He explained: “It’s been a godsend. You know, the idea of having a job in show business that lasts for 35 years?

“You dangle that in front of anybody, in Hollywood or New York or Pittsburgh... they’ll fall at your feet and kiss your toes. It’s an amazing thing.”

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