A woman had a creative solution when her boyfriend forgot to replace the toilet roll

Living with other people can be brilliant, but you may also find that certain habits will drive you up the wall.

This was clearly the case with Imgur user Lenarose, who got fed up of asking her boyfriend to replace the toilet roll when it was finished and decided to get creative.

Getting creative with nagging

Her post has received 89,769 views and plenty of praise for what she refers to as "creative nagging".

She explains that habits "can be difficult to form when your mind is always elsewhere", and added that her boyfriend is currently studying for a PhD in Physics, and also has ADHD and is bipolar.

You gotta have give and take, be understanding and not go off your rocker about the little shit. Yes sometimes those things add up and can be irritating but if it really bothers you, write it out, talk to them like you would want to be talked to, let them know how it has you feeling and hope for the best, all else fails leave the letter, let them process it and come back after they've had time to think and then talk. My mom first did this with me and it has been beyond effective in many many situations, as even being adults you get upset, don't think straight and say things you don't mean. This helps avoid that. Not trying to tackle anyones problems just a LPT and food for thought.

And thank you to everyone who understood that this was obviously just some fun.

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