‘South Park’ creators launched new Adidas sneakers— and they’re amazing

‘South Park’ creators launched new Adidas sneakers— and they’re amazing
Photo courtesy of Twitter/@adidasalerts

If you watch Comedy Central’s <em>South Park</em>, then you’re probably familiar with Towelie, Randy Marsh’s best friend and assistant at Tegridy Farms.

Now, Towelie is getting his big break— as an Adidas sneaker!

Adidas previously unveiled a cannabis-related take on the ZX, as well as the cannabis-inspired Nizza 420 RF and the Stan Smith 420, made with the SoCal streetwear brand Bait, has now partnered with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the man behind The Book Of Mormon), on a pair of Towelie inspired Campus 80s.

The Campus 80s are a classic three-striped sneaker that had close ties with New York City’s hip hop movement in the early ‘80s to early ‘90s.

In likeness to Towelie from the show, the shoe is a light lavender purple color from top to toe. The midsole and the three stripes are all white and the South Park branding can be found on the insole.

“I have no idea what’s going on.”

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Towelie’s eyes can be found on the tongue of the shoe, and under UV light they actually go red as if the character smoked a little too much green. Key chains have also been revealed.

UV-reactive eyes

It’s the perfect touch for South Park fans out there.

The shoes are set to drop on April 20, 2021, via Adidas retailers.

Will you be trying to get your hands on the new sneaker? We most likely will.

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