Adult star shares date's £100,000 request: 'It was the wildest thing'

Adult star shares date's £100,000 request: 'It was the wildest thing'

Content creator and OnlyFans model Grace has spoken about how her earnings on the site have impacted her dating life – and you won’t quite believe what some people had the cheek to ask her for.

The Australian adult star has spoken about the ‘wildest’ request she ever received from someone she was seeing, with that person asking for something worth a whopping £100k.

The 26-year-old has already managed to build a property portfolio worth upwards of £1 million and it’s perhaps not a surprise that people are asking for cash gifts from Grace.

However, one person really took her by surprise with the nature of his request.

Speaking to, Grace said: "Some men find it intimidating and some go the opposite way and love that I have money.”

"The wildest thing a man has suggested for me to buy him is his dream car. This was worth over $200,000 [around £105,000],” she added.

Grace also said that one occasion saw a date of hers look her up while they were out, before subsequently saying that Grace should pay for the meal as a result.

"It goes without saying we didn’t make it to a second date," she added.

Grace went on to say: "I don’t mind being the one earning more and paying for more in the relationship… I’m a big believer in traditional roles between partners and men exuding masculine energy, so the most attractive thing you can do, regardless of my income, is to take charge and not be intimidated by me or use my income against me."

It comes after Lily Allen confirmed that she is cashing in on her viral feet pics by joining OnlyFans.

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