Amazon sends child real chainsaw instead of toy

<p>Amazon sends child real chainshaw instead of toy</p>

Amazon sends child real chainshaw instead of toy


Most of us have at one point experienced receiving the wrong package from Amazon or other retailers.

Usually it’s a mere annoyance, leaving us with the burden of having to return or exhange the wrong item for the one we actually ordered.

But for one Amazon shopper, receiving the wrong order could have resulted in a very dangerous situation. BBC News Reporter Jon Ironmonger revealed that the major online marketplace had mistakenly sent him an actual chainsaw instead of the toy he had bought for his son.

Luckily, the they were able to joke about the experience online.

“Lovely gesture by Amazon to send my four-year-old an ACTUAL CHAINSAW instead of the toy he’d asked for,” Ironmonger wrote.

A huge mix-up indeed.

In the comments, stunned Twitter users reacted to Amazon’s error.

“I looked up Stihl Children's Chainsaw & got this picture, you'd surely think someone would also felt the difference in weight, (real one being heavier),” one wrote.

Another user replied, “WTF!!!, did you check before purchase ? I had notice on Amazon site, some pictures don't go with the wording, especially on the sales pages, always check 2 -3 times before buying page.”

“I shouldn't laugh, bit it's difficult not to. The toy one is going to be a MASSIVE disappointment after nearly having the real thing,” one user joked.

Others corrected Ironmonger and noted that he had not received an actual chainsaw, but a shrub trimmer instead, which many quipped might have worked out in his favor anyway.

“Firstly it’s not a chainsaw. It’s a shrub trimmer and apparently sells for about three times the cost of the toy,” one user tweeted.

Responding to a tweet that read, “I hope it literally doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg” Ironmonger simply responded, “Oh you’re good.”

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