Andrew Tate's downfall compared to AJ Soprano's pizza bust

Andrew Tate, ex-kickoboxer, detained in Romania for human trafficking and rape

Following Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan being detained by Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking and forming an organised crime group, some people are comparing the controversial social media star's downfall to AJ Soprano's pizza bust in The Sopranos.

On Thursday (29 December), the former kickboxer and internet personality and his brother Tristan were arrested, which prompted people to try and figure out how it all went down.

Attorney Alejandra Caraballo took to her Twitter to assume the duo was arrested because Andrew shared a video of himself online with a pizza box from Romanian pizzeria chain Jerry's Pizza.

"Romanian authorities needed proof that Andrew Tate was in the country so they reportedly used his social media posts," Caraballo tweeted, in part.

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Some can see the parallels between the Tates' debacle and Tony Soprano's son's issue.

AJ and some of his friends decided to break into their high school overnight to go swimming. While there, they caused a big commotion, smashing a trophy case and throwing supplies into the pool.

Once police arrived on the scene, a custom pizza was left behind at the scene, which pointed to AJ.

The school principal, the football coach, Tony, and Carmela with AJ have a discussion, leaving Carmela upset.

AJ's consequence was being suspended because of his improved academic achievements and because it is in everyone's "best interest" for him to continue playing football.

The principal leaves it up to Tony and Carmela to discipline AJ, and they decide to ground him for a month with extra chore responsibilities.

People online couldn't help but draw comparisons to AJ and the Tates' situation.

One person on Twitter wrote: "No way Andrew Tate did [an] AJ Soprano."

"Holy shit, they caught Andrew Tate the same way the cops caught AJ Soprano when he broke into his high school that time and threw shit in the pool," another added.

A third joked: "It's so cool that Andrew Tate got busted the same way as AJ Soprano did breaking into his school. Genius minds."

Although AJ's situation was a reality for him in the show, that may not be the case for the Tates.

Many thought Caraballo's tweet was correct, which led to more assumptions that he was arrested for a pizza box.

However, Caraballo later admitted that her tweet was made with some assumptions and not verified facts.

With the talk of the pizza chain being the reason for the Tates going into custody, Jerry's Pizza has taken to Twitter to break their silence.

On Friday, the food spot shared a photo of their pizza box.

"We've got taste," it read.

The "S" is also faded out to read: "We've got Tate."

Earlier in the week, Tate got into an online spat with the environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

With intense back-and-forth exchanges, Tate made a video response to the 19-year-old.

In the video, he is seen smoking a cigar while a pizza box from Jerry's Pizza is situated in the frame.

The following day, Tate, his brother, and others were arrested, and the Romanian news outlet Gandul said the authorities mobilised to arrest the Tates after confirming they were both in Romania.

The Tate brothers have been wanted for questioning by Romanian authorities since April.

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