Andrew Tate discusses social media ban with Fox's Tucker Carlson

Andrew Tate had some choice words for anti-monarchists who are 'celebrating' the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

During a livestream on Rumble, Tate went off about people who do not like the British monarchy or the Queen and accused those celebrating the Queen's death of being 'degenerate psychopaths', among other things.

Various clips of Tate's live stream circulating around TikTok and YouTube showing the 35-year-old boxer and social media star defending the Queen.

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"I always liked the Queen," Tate said. "I look to all the people who were celebrating her death and I knew I was right to like her because all the people who were celebrating her death were degenerate, new-age, liberal, f***ing psychopaths."

Tate also called those celebrating the Queen's death "evil", "weak", "inhuman" people who "have no soul" and a "piece of s***".

ANDREW TATE OUTRAGED by the DEATH of Queen Elizabeth

In Tate's opinion the British Empire was the "best empire ever" and the Queen was "last thing about England that was respected internationally and globally".

Queen Elizabeth II reigned over Great Britain and Commonwealth for 70 years. More than half of UK citizens have never seen another monarch rule over England.

But in the days that followed the Queen's death anti-monarchists protested the days of mourning and bank holiday.

Tate also compared those celebrating the Queen's death to 'people in charge of the Matrix', 'the liberal agenda', and 'people who still have their YouTube channels' among other things.

In Tate's opinion they all "lack God" and are "wandering off following Lil Nas to go have sex with the devil."

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