Barney the Dinosaur balloon is ripped apart by winds in 1997 New …

While some Americans may be celebrating Thanksgiving today, others are remembering the Barney the Dinosaur balloon that was taken down at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1997.

On Thursday, people on Twitter shared their memories of past Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade moments, with the Barney the Dinosaur murder being at the top of people's minds.

A particularly windy Thanksgiving Day in 1997 led to the unfortunate collapse of the Barney balloon after massive gusts caused it to hit a lamp post.

Upon impact, the balloon ripped open suddenly becoming uncontrollable so the New York Police Department was forced to cut down the Barney balloon to prevent injury to crowd goers.

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Small children were forced to watch their favorite dinosaur be stabbed on the chilly Thanksgiving morning.

"The barney balloon ripping in 1997 will always make my heart ache," a Twitter user said.

"My subconscious mind has protecting me from this nightmare for 25 years, calling my therapist for an emergency session immediately!" A Twitter user said.

Despite the incident occurring 25 years ago, the Barney the Dinosaur balloon murder has had a resurgence in popularity in recent months.

Younger people on TikTok and Twitter may not remember, or may not have been alive, when the startling moment happened. Learning about the moment now is both shocking and funny.

"I never understand stood when the [villain] arc started til now," a person added.

One person added, "I don't usually watch the Thanksgiving Parade anymore, but one tradition I still do have is to watch the Barney balloon go wild and get itself ripped. Especially funny is the part where a bunch of people have to stab it on the ground to deflate it!"

RIP Barney the Dinosaur balloon float from 1997.

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