The lesbian kiss at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade left some conservatives furious

The lesbian kiss at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade left some conservatives furious

The annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City is one of the great American traditions on that famous holiday and its 92nd edition proved to be its more progressive.

The parade which predominantly features floats, inflatable cartoon characters and performances from Broadway acts, showcased a number from the new musical 'The Prom.'

In the routine performed by the stars of the show, two women, actors Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla kissed in what is believed to be the first ever LGBT kiss to be broadcast as part of the parade and screened live on NBC television.

The moment from the show, which is about a young lesbian who isn't allowed to take her girlfriend to prom but is helped by a group of LGBT actors from Los Angeles, proved to be a big hit on Twitter, with many people loving the positive representation of sexual identity.

Josh Lamon, a cast member of the show, also tweeted his delight at seeing the kiss at such a huge event in the American TV calendar.

Whilst the overwhelming consensus was that this was a truly historic moment that should be celebrated, there were differing opinions at the other end of the spectrum.

People claiming to be parents took to Twitter to register their complaints to NBC and Macy's about the kiss being aired in front of their children.

Yet the biggest critics of the moment were the right-wing Conservative group known as For Americawho claimed that NBC and Macy's had "blindsided parents who expected this to be a family program."

Their tweet and regressive attitude towards a perfectly normal expression of affection between two people was quickly admonished by other Twitter users.

Others tweeted 'examples' of things that Trump and the Republican party have done in the past that are probably more damaging to a child than a simple kiss.

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