Bird gets trapped on eight hour flight from Europe to US

Bird gets trapped on eight hour flight from Europe to US

A bird appears to have gotten the shock of its life after it got stuck on a plane and ended up halfway across the world, in viral footage of this posted by a passenger on TikTok

TikTok user and flight passenger Brooke Frazier (@totallychillfemale) captured footage of the confused bird flapping about the plane cabin during the eight-hour flight from Belgium travelling across the pond to the US.

“Bird stuck on our 8 hour flight from Europe,” the overlay text read: “Lil Guy about to be so confused.”

Frazier described how the “lil birdy hopped on” and got off in the US but for the duration of the flight the bird “was going crazy.”


lil birdy hopped on in belgium, getting off in the US but in the mean time he going crazy

Since posting about the extra unexpected aeroplane passenger on board her flight, Frazier’s TikTok has received 9.3m views, 1.3m likes, along with thousands of comments from people who were amused at the little bird’s adventure.

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It certainly sparked an idea for one person who wrote: “Pixar movie. European bird runs away cuz all his family bullied him for being small. now he’s raised by a bunch of pigeons from Jersey.”

Frazier replied with an idea of her own: “Migrant bird opens a bakery in jersey to show his pursuit of the American dream while going back to his roots with family recipes.”

While others shared concern about the bird adjusting to life in America once it was freed from the plane as someone joked: “Poor guy has no idea he’s not gonna have Healthcare anymore.”

“He’s gonna have to learn to fly on the right side,” another added.

“Omg I hope he speaks English,” a third person wrote.

Similarly many were concerned about the little bird leaving behind its family since one person wrote: “Why am I sad thinking about its friend and fam it left behind.”

“They should provide a return trip for him this ain’t right,” another person said.

Someone added: “Imagine him standing in line at customs.”

“Why am I so invested in this birds future,” a fourth person replied.

Let’s hope the little birdy is adjusting to life in the States or can somehow find its way back home.

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