The chances are, if you have siblings, you spent your childhood squabbling with them.

Hopefully, as the years progressed you became calmer and actually helped your family members out a bit.

But what this big brother is doing puts all of us to shame.

Haden has been setting up a shop on his front garden, with a table and a sign, selling his art for one dollar.

The ten-year-old has also been handing out flyers to drum up sales – so he can buy toys for his younger brother, Max.

Max, who is seven, has a rare nerve and tumour disorder called neurofibromatosis. His mother, Cynthia Davis, told People:

Anything you can imagine going wrong is affected. He has tumors, migraines, neuropathy, seizures, muscle weakness… The list just keeps going and every day he gets a little worse.

He used to be the most outgoing, hyperactive child, just the life of the party. Now he barely wants to get out of bed.

So far, Haden has earned $100 from selling his drawings – some of which has gone on Lego and other toys.

He told People why he's doing this:

I’m just doing it to make my little brother happy and to make sure he doesn’t give up. 

I just want him to be happy. If he’s happy, I’m happy. 

Here's a video of the brothers:

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