Man films terrifying moment his cabin window comes loose mid flight

Reddit / apeterz

Flying can be a scary experience at the best of times - even in first-class with a glass of wine to calm your nerves.

So it must be downright heart-stopping to discover mid-flight that the frame around your cabin window is rather loose.

That's what happened to one passenger while flying over Chile - but instead of descending into a wild panic, they filmed a demonstration of quite how terrifyingly loose the frame was.

Sharing the footage on Reddit, they included nonchalant caption "Should I be concerned or...?"

We're all very concerned.

Patrick Smith, airline pilot and host of, told the Daily Mailthat there was nothing to worry about.

He said:

It’s just a superficial liner that helps protect the actual window. I admit that it looks embarrassing and unprofessional, but there’s no safety risk.

And Dai Whittingham, Chief Executive of the UK Flight Safety Commitee, told the paper:

This is definitely not a safety concern, it is simply a piece of loose cabin trim.

The internal window is there to protect the main glass from scratches and it cuts down some of the internal noise as well as providing an element of thermal insulation.

The external window is fixed to the hull and sealed with a gasket so that the interior of the aircraft can be pressurised, so this loose trim will have had no effect at all apart from not looking particularly neat and tidy.



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