Bride’s stunt at her own wedding divides TikTok

<p>Bride Caila Quinn posted footage of her big surprise on TikTok</p>

Bride Caila Quinn posted footage of her big surprise on TikTok


A bride’s romantic gesture has dropped jaws across social media , with some viewers branding it “nightmarish”, while others couldn’t help but love it.

Caila Quinn organised the musical surprise for her soon-to-be husband at their wedding in Sarasota , Florida , last month.

Quinn was previously a contestant on US reality TV dating show The Bachelor . But rather than win over the show’s then male protagonist Ben Higgins (see season 20), she ended up with New York investment director Nick Burello.

It was while the two lovebirds were standing at the altar during their lavish outdoor ceremony that the special stunt got underway.

Quinn posted a recording of the event on TikTok with the caption: “Surprised the groom and all of our guests with a flash mob #Broadway.”

And, indeed, the video shows performers – disguised as guests – suddenly emerge from different sections of the congregation and burst into song.

The performers serenaded the couple, and their unsuspecting friends and family, with a rendition of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ by Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons.

At least the couple seemed to enjoy the show Cailaquinn/TikTok

The clip racked up more than half a million views and 49,000 likes within a week, as fellow TikTokers rushed to share their respective delight and horror at the scene.

“WHAT IN THE GLEE IS THIS?” one wrote.

“My husband would [have] walked out,” another remarked.

“Hiring someone to tackle and arrest anyone that would try this at my future wedding,” commented a third.

While a fourth said: “I would literally jump into the ocean.”

Others were more forgiving and admitted that, while it might not be their own cup of tea, it clearly worked for others.

“This is nice for you guys but is my actual worst nightmare,” one said.

“Whatever floats your boat,” conceded another.

“I would immediately leave but love that for you,” wrote a third.

Meanwhile, social media star Matt Mckenley tried to avoid the topic all together. Instead, he wrote somewhat more diplomatically: “Such a cute couple.”

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