A venture capitalist said young people should work every weekend and Twitter was furious
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A venture capitalist tweeted out a terrible idea for young people, and people roasted it.

On Friday, just as people were getting off work, San Francisco-based Jordan Kong let her followers know that she hoped junior employees weren’t about to go take time away from their jobs.

“Unpopular opinion: the best thing young people can do early in their careers is to work on the weekends,” Kong wrote.

It was, in fact, a very unpopular opinion.

For several years now, millennials and Gen Z in particular have steered conversation around work and careers towards a focus on balance, pushing back on the non-stop work mentality that experts agree was heavily promoted to this generation of workers.

In a popular 2019 essay for BuzzFeed, Anne Helen Peterson even called millennials “the burnout generation,” speaking to several friends and sources about how the pressure to overwork themselves left people sitting out regular, everyday tasks.

On Twitter, the response to Kong’s tweet showed a similar disgust with the idea that working constantly was a good thing.

On Monday - ironically, after a weekend off - Kong responded to that backlash, writing “I’ve worked countless weekends since I started my career 10+ years ago. Just like every other poor immigrant kid who has become successful in tech.”

”Nobody handed us anything — we had to will success,” she continued.

She ended the tweet thread, which went on to detail how she found a balance between work, family, and life with her job at Atomic, by noting that she’s “never forced anyone to work weekends.”

“But I’ve never worked with anyone ultra successful who didn’t find so much passion in their work, that they felt the desire to do so,” she concluded. It’s not clear what that means.

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