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Bone-chilling temperatures gripped much of North America towards the end of last year and into 2018.

But that didn’t stop one couple from capturing the photos of a lifetime.

Morgan Daye and Josh Morris asked photographer Kellie Elmore to take their engagement pictures at the Bald River Falls in Tennessee, a favourite spot of theirs.

On the way there, they became stuck in traffic so were forced to walk in the cold for two miles to the falls.

It was totally worth it.

When they arrived at the spot, they were amazed to find that the water had frozen over, leaving behind a "majestic" icy natural backdrop.

Ms Elmore spoke to People magazine about the shoot, saying:

It was my wedding gift to them.

But we didn’t expect the waterfall to be frozen. It was majestic.

There were tons of people there, but they happily moved out of the way for us.

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