People think this MPs resignation letter has an X-rated signature

People think this MPs resignation letter has an X-rated signature
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As more members of Parliament send in their letters of resignation more people are analyzing just how each MP signs their letter, and one has an interesting way of signing off.

Craig Williams, the MP for Montgomeryshire, tweeted a photo of his letter of resignation on Wednesday following a series of other resignations sparked by Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak.

"After the recent vote of confidence, I had given my support to you with one last benefit of the doubt," Williams, 37, wrote. "It has now become apparent over recent days, that this is becoming impossible. It is therefore with deep regret that I resign from your Government."

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At the end of the letter, Williams created what seems to be a "C" and "W" in a messy linear fashion. However many noted it looked like a poorly drawn penis.

"Would love to hear the story of how your signature came to be," Adam tweeted attaching a zoomed-in photo of Williams' signature.

"Your signature..." JoJo pointed out on Twitter.

More than 25 people have resigned from Johnson's government following a plethora of scandals the government has faced this year. The most recent one having to do with sexual assault accusations against Christopher Pincher.

Tory Whip, Pincher, suddenly resigned last week after getting "too drunk" and acting inappropriately toward people. He has been accused of groping two men although these claims have not been substantiated.

Now as more MPs, cabinet members, and ministers resign people are gaining insight into the personalities of each one. On Tuesday, one MP posted a blurry photo of his resignation letter leading to jokes and memes from the public.

Today seems to be Williams turn as people mock his signature for looking X-rated.

Some people even moved from mocking Williams signature, to his handwriting in general.

"Love the comments on the signature. But what on earth is that hand writing for "dear prime minister" good grief," one Twitter user said.

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