YouTuber Daniel Howell broke the internet with this interesting tweet during YouTube Pride 2021

YouTuber Daniel Howell broke the internet with this interesting tweet during YouTube Pride 2021

YouTuber and author Daniel Howell broke the internet— and it involved an interesting comment about coming out and furries.

Howell took to his channel during YouTube Pride 2021 for a segment called ‘Gay And Not Proud,’ which took us on a whimsical and honest journey into his subconscious that broke down moments of his life, such as finding himself and owning his truth.

As he took us through the journey, he also had fans join him in real life as they showed him video queries from people who asked him about his first kiss with a guy, the pressures of his career and sexuality, and much more, which he answered without hesitation.

But there was a catch.

The fans he was accompanied by would take his phone and tweet odd things as if they were him if he didn’t want to answer a question.

And there was one question, in particular, that he tried to avoid.

When asked who was his least favorite YouTuber, he chuckled and said, “If they want an example of someone public that I’m right now supposed to say I don’t like—no, I can’t do it.”

He added: “They would be like, ‘wow, drama time!’”

As a result of not answering the question, one of the fans took his phone and tweeted the following:

For those who aren’t au fait with the term, “furries” are people who are interested in anthropomorphic animals.

For some people, this just means liking Pokemon or Sonic the Hedgehog, for example. For others, it could mean finding people in animal costumes sexually enticing.

Although there was some confusion at first for those who didn’t have context around Howell’s message, people on Twitter eventually caught wind of it.

And a bunch of others thought it was iconic, including YouTube.

Check out some other responses below.

The Pride 2021 YouTube event was kickstarted by Olly Alexander, the Years & Years singer and star of the television series It’s A Sin, and Mawaan Rizwan, a writer, comedian and actor in the first hour of the event appearing on the Years & Years YouTube channel.

It featured Munroe Bergdorf, MNEK, Bimini, Max Harwood, and many more inspiring and influential people.

YouTube Pride 2021 is also raising funds for incredible organizations that support and protect the LGBT+ community, providing mental health, wellness and other resources, such as The Trevor Project, the Elton John Aids Foundation, and akt.

Every dollar that is donated to The Trevor Project via the #GiveWithPride Challenge, Youtube will match with a maximum of US$250,000. Other donations made after the US$250,000 goal is reached will not be matched by YouTube.

The challenge ends on June 30, 2021.

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