Debate erupts over whether parents should have sex while their kids are in the house

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Twitter is possibly one of the most prolific social media platforms for bizarre discourse and it didn’t disappoint after someone’s take on parents having sex while their children were in the house sparked debate.

It all erupted after Twitter user @SHADOWlZED slammed parents who have sex with their kids in the same house. Instead, they suggested that parents get someone to babysit and pay for a hotel room to get intimate with one another.

In a now-deleted tweet, they wrote: “Having sex when your children are in the house is weird. Full stop. If you want to have sex that bad do it when no one’s in the house.

“Have someone babysit your kid. Rent a hotel. They don’t need to hear that because it can be incredibly traumatic. Do better.”

Unsurprisingly, the tweet sparked a lot of reaction with people criticising the author for being overdramatic by suggesting it is traumatising.

One person argued: “Accidentally walking in on your parents having sex isn’t 'traumatizing' the word you’re looking for is ‘embarrassing’.”

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Another said: “I am taking away the word ‘trauma’ until people learn how to use it responsibly.”

“One of the funniest bad takes I’ve heard on this website. Sure, pay $200 for a hotel plus $150 for a babysitter every time you want to have sex so your kids don’t find out you have a healthy relationship,” someone else wrote.

Someone else asked: “So what should poor people who can’t afford to rent a motel or hire a babysitter do? Is sexual intimacy something only rich couples can have?”

Seems it's just another day, another bizarre take.

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