Some drivers have no idea about this simple trick that defrosts your windshield in seconds

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Defrosting your car can be a chore – especially during the early morning commute.

But now, thanks to a tip from a driving school TikTok account, Driving Test Success (@drivingtestsuccess), you can get rid of the ice by pressing one simple button.

"HOW TO: Defrost your windscreen," the company explained before demonstrating the hack to their 900,000 followers.

"Put the front windscreen fan on max. The ice will start to melt from the heat. Wipe away excess water and return the fan to normal."

Some of the more experienced drivers slammed the hack as common knowledge; others were stunned they hadn't heard about it before.

"Wow, magic! The ice is gone", one TikToker wrote.

And another applauded the account for all their help, as they wrote: "I've learnt so much thanks to your app!"

HOW TO:👉🏼 Defrost your windscreen 🚘❄️ #drivingtips #learnerdriver #hacks #fyp #foryoupage


HOW TO:👉🏼 Defrost your windscreen 🚘❄️ #drivingtips #learnerdriver #hacks #fyp #foryoupage

HOW TO:👉🏼 Defrost your windscreen 🚘❄️ #drivingtips #learnerdriver #hacks #fyp #foryoupage

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Some TikTokers were far less impressed by the trick they shunned as "common sense."

One user candidly said: "If this is a video that causes someone currently in possession of a drivers license to learn something new, please cut your license up", while another added, "If you didn't know this, you shouldn't be driving."

"This isn't common sense already?" Another quizzed. "This explains so much about the new breed of road user."

A third TikTok user highlighted that boiling water melts away the ice even quicker. However, the driving school soon shut this down and warned: "Be careful as this can damage the windscreen!"

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