Designer gets inspiration from everyday household objects for January outfit challenge
Taryn de Vere/PA

From toothpaste tubes to bleach bottles, one woman has been brightening up January by wearing outfits inspired by everyday items.

Taryn de Vere, a writer and designer from County Donegal, Ireland, set herself a style challenge to dress up as a different household product every day to make January more “joyful”.

Self-described as “possibly the most colourful woman in Ireland”, the mother-of-five is no stranger to eccentric outfits.

“Being colourful is an integral part of how I view myself” she told the PA news agency.

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“Colour makes me feel alive and joyful, dull colours make me feel sad and depressed, it’s that simple.”

Taryn de Vere/PA

Facing the prospect of being house-bound in a bid to stay safe during the Covid pandemic, Ms de Vere decided to set herself a new year challenge using only objects and clothing that she already owned.

She said: “At the time I came up with the idea I was sitting on my bed and my eye alighted on a bottle of sink unblocker in the en suite, and that became the inspiration for the first outfit.

“My one rule for this project is I have to use things I already own – I love the sustainability aspect of this challenge.

“It’s completely transformed how I view my clothes and unleashed a creative styling freedom in me, making me put colours and shapes together that I never would have before.”

Taryn de Vere/PA

Ms de Vere posts daily photos of her outfits to her Instagram and Twitter profiles, alongside a photo of the product that inspired her.

She said she has been “completely overwhelmed” by the positive reaction on social media and has even gained fans as far away as Australia.

“I’ve had messages and comments from people telling me they wake up in the morning and check my Instagram first thing to see what new outfit I have on that day,” she said.

“People from all over the world have been getting in touch to say how much joy they’re getting from this project.

“It’s really heartwarming to think that my creative project is bringing a bit of light-hearted fun and joy to people’s lives.”

Taryn de Vere/PA

However, Ms de Vere admitted the level of attention has taken her by surprise.

“Had I known how big this would get and how many people would be seeing my pics I probably would have ironed my clothes before photographing them,” she said.

Closer to home, Ms de Vere’s neighbours have been less surprised by her colourful creations, due to her “well-established eccentric dressing credentials”, but she said she has still received compliments on trips into town.

“I remain open to the possibility that there is someone more colourful than me out there, and if so I want to meet them and be their new best friend,” she said.

You can follow De Vere’s progress in her Twitter thread of outfits.

PA reporting by Lottie Kilraine.

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