Disturbing footage shows huge number of 'Andrew Tate fans protest in Athens'

Disturbing footage shows huge number of 'Andrew Tate fans protest in Athens'
Romanian court upholds 'misogynist influencer' Andrew Tate's 30-day detention

Andrew Tate fans reportedly stormed the streets of Athens to protest their idol's arrest.

The controversial internet personality was arrested by Romanian authorities on 29 December, along with his brother Tristan and two others. They were apprehended on suspicion of human trafficking and rape, which they deny.

Now, his arrest has incited an alleged protest with hundreds of young boys chanting "Free Top G" across Greece.

It comes after Tate turned to Twitter branding anyone who believed he was a human trafficker a "moron."

He added: "Anyone smart enough to understand the American System is unfair would be mind blown by the injustice of the Romanian System."

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Tate's Twitter has been surprisingly active while he remains in custody. He recently made use of his time by trolling Logan Paul from his cell.

It all started when the 36-year-old dropped a cryptic "Matrix" reference after reports of being hospitalised.

On 8 January, Tate wrote: "The Matrix has attacked me / But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea / Hard to kill."

YouTuber and Inpaulsive podcast host Paul then took to Twitter, writing: "the matrix is real. pray you never become its target". However, there is no evidence to suggest it was aimed at Tate.

Tate, however, took offence to Paul's tweet by directly responding: "You are the Matrix / You are an Agent / But the Matrix is cracking / And now you will pay the price."

Some speculated that Tate's arrest was a result of doxxing his address through a pizza box.

In response to 20-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg saying he had "small d**k energy", Tate posted a two-minute video to show he wasn't mad.

"I know at least that Greta [is] hate-filled, bitter, sitting somewhere without the heating on, shivering", he said, as he demanded pizza in 'non-recycled' cardboard boxes.

"So I’m not actually mad at Greta, because she doesn’t realise she’s been programmed, she’s a slave of the matrix, she thinks she’s doing good."

While the theory and memes to follow were hilarious, Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIIOCT) spokesperson Ramona Bolla told The Washington Post that it was inaccurate.

“Funny, but no,” the spokesperson told AP.

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