Andrew Tate is using his jail time to blast Logan Paul on Twitter

Romanian court upholds 'misogynist influencer' Andrew Tate's 30-day detention

Andrew Tate has turned to Twitter to taunt Logan Paul from his Romanian jail cell.

The controversial internet personality was apprehended by Romanian authorities on 29 December, when he, his brother Tristan and two others were arrested due to alleged human trafficking, rape, and creating an organised crime group.

It all started when the controversial internet personality dropped a cryptic "Matrix" reference after reports of being hospitalised.

On 8 January, Tate wrote: "The Matrix has attacked me / But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea / Hard to kill."

YouTuber and Inpaulsive podcast host Paul then took to Twitter, writing: "the matrix is real. pray you never become its target". However, there is no evidence to suggest it was aimed at Tate.

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Tate, however, took offence to Paul's tweet by directly responding: "You are the Matrix / You are an Agent / But the Matrix is cracking / And now you will pay the price."

He then followed up online to call Paul "a scammer".

Tate wrote: "Lol. Even in Romanian Prison, they talk about Logan Paul being a scammer."

Tate, who has clearly had an obsession with the movie for some time now, told YouTuber Rob Moore last year: "In the movie The Matrix, your body heat is being salvaged, and to keep your mind occupied, you’re living inside a false reality, computer generated.

"The reason I think we live in a matrix now is because I think the same thing is happening. Perhaps it’s not our body heat - perhaps it’s our work, our ideas – but they are being salvaged, and the reality they’ve given us to occupy our brains is false.

"We don’t live in the real world. We are living in a reality where we’re told stories and narratives that aren’t true, where they try very hard to distract us with garbage."

As for Tate and Paul. Well, this isn't the first time the pair have not seen eye to eye. The two have toyed about the possibilities of a boxing match for months – though it's unclear whether it will actually happen in the future.

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