Don Jr ran away from social media after midterms humiliation

Don Jr ran away from social media after midterms humiliation
Donald Trump Jr calls Joe Biden an 'idiot'

Donald Trump Jr appears to have scaled back his social media usage after Republicans underperformed in the midterm elections.

Typically, the 44-year-old's Instagram is flooded with GOP memes and pro-Donald Trump publicity. But after bragging about the "red wave" that never came, the eldest Trump has been oddly silent.

Between Monday and Wednesday, Trump Jr posted eight times on Instagram. Three of his posts anticipated Democrats to significantly lose in midterms.

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His last standalone Instagram post is of a red wave with "Happy Red Wave Day!" written on it. He captioned it "LFG".

On Twitter, Trump Jr was extremely active until Tuesday night.

Shortly after polls closed at 8 pm on Tuesday, Trump tweeted, "Bloodbath!!" but never followed up.

Besides two retweets and a few Instagram Stories, Trump Jr has remained oddly silent on social media.

Democrats unexpectedly performed well in the midterms with John Fetterman flipping Pennslyvania and Maggie Hasan retaining New Hampshire.

Competitive states like Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona remained neck-and-neck between candidates on Thursday with Democrats taking a small lead in Georgia and Arizona.

Although Republicans are expected to take the House, the Senate is still a toss-up.

It is unclear why Trump Jr hasn't spoken out on social media, but his deafening silence led to mockery on social media.

MSNBC hosts laughed at Trump Jr's "bloodbath" tweet.

"A bloodbath was the one thing this election was not," host Rachel Maddow said.

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