Election staff do the Macarena to ‘limber up’ ahead of vote counting in Norfolk

<p>Staff performing the dance</p>

Staff performing the dance


Dozens of election staff danced to the Macarena to “limber up” ahead of vote counting in Norfolk.

Videos emerged on South Norfolk Council’s Twitter account showing the dancing staff busting their moves to the hit song by Los del Rio.

It was accompanied by the message: “Good luck to everyone working on the local and PCC elections today from the team at Broadland and South Norfolk Councils.”

Here’s the staff in action:

The Broadland and South Norfolk council teams also took part in an impressive Mexican wave after vote counting finished.

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Council leader John Fuller said: “After a difficult two-day process of counting votes following a bank holiday week, staff were keen to limber up ahead of the serious business of counting.

“In normal conditions the atmosphere would have been very different with families and friends in the room.

“I think the staff just wanted to create an atmosphere and energy and limber up ahead of the serious matter at hand.”

A council spokesman said the dancing was a way to “celebrate” the good work that had been completed.

They were at the Norfolk Showground, counting the ballots for the Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner.

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