You will never look at this emoji the same way again, thanks to this viral TikTok

You will never look at this emoji the same way again, thanks to this viral TikTok
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Emojis are popular message icons used to share our feelings conveniently and while we think we are familiar with these round expressive faces, there's one emoji in particular that we'll never look at the same again, thanks to a viral TikTok.

In the video by TikToker @idkhurr, there is an image of the hot face emoji that is red in colour with a bead of sweat on its face and tongue sticking out to depict sweating, panting, and just overall feeling the heat.

Typically this emoji is used to communicate how hot the weather is outside or can be used to represent physical attractiveness.

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When looking at this digital image, many would assume that the eyes are the two circles and the curved lines above are the eyebrows, though there is apparently another to perceive this face.

The photo is annotated to point out how the eyebrows could actually be a pair of closed eyes and the round circles below could represent the nose as nostrils.

This appeared to surprise the TikToker herself who covered her mouth with her hand after noticing the alternative face as the on-screen text read: "I will never be the same after seeing this."


Thnx Reddit #cantunseethis #blursedimages #OverwatchMe

Since sharing the emoji face illusion, the video has since gone viral with 2.7m views, 49,000 likes, and a lot of comments from people who were absolutely not having it.

One person said: "Your reaching. I'm trying to see it but there is nothing to see."

"I do not accept this," another person wrote. "Just resetting my brain back to before watching this."

Someone else added: "I see both now and I'm mad."

"Nah that doesn’t match the other faces that also have eyebrows," a fourth person replied referencing emojis such as the anxious sweat face and cry face emojis.

Given how much emojis are used it seems most of our brains are able to ignore the alternative face that the viral TikTok presented to us.

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