Employee addresses client with ‘Yes Big Man’ and his boss isn’t impressed

Sinead Butler
Saturday 08 May 2021 16:31

Work etiquette can be a divisive subject

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Work etiquette is one of the biggest minefields of them all.

How do you sign off e-mails? Do you include all the team in the tea round? And do you really have to donate money to everyone’s leaving fund?

Another issue for debate is how to address people in the work setting – both colleagues and those you meet on the job. Which is why an e-mail showing a boss telling off an employee for being too informal resonated with so many.

In the e-mail, which was shared on Instagram earlier this week, an employee called Sam gets a telling off for using the phrase “Yes, big man” when talking to a client.

Sam was actually close to leaving the unnamed company (based in London) but it didn’t stop the boss pulling him up on the rather coloquial greeting.

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The email reads: “Hey Sam, As you are aware, we are one of the leading post production companies in London.

“It goes without saying that we expect a level of professionalism from all of our employees.

“Whilst I know you will soon be leaving the company, and we’ve always been satisfied with your etiquette when it comes to meeting clients, you can understand my frustration when I overhear you greet one of our clients using the phrase ‘Yes, big man’.”

To remove any doubt about the sort of professionalism expected, the boss added: “‘Hello’ or ‘good morning’ will suffice. Let’s not end your employment on a bad note, shall we.”

Now, we’re not sure where we stand on this but, after the screengrab was posted, the post was liked more than 10,000 with people largely backing the former employee.

One person said: “Bro if I’m ever successful and meet a company to invest or whatever. If the guy I’m talking to greets me as ‘Yes big man’ they’ve already won me over.”

Another added: “I worked at a gym and called so many members boss, buddy, bro, mate, darling, love.”

One person thought it was a touch hypocritical: “Says the company that started the email “Hey Sam”.”

And one wrote: “Could have been worse.... he could have answered the phone with “Wagwan my G”

Well, quite. Wherever you are now Sam, we’re wondering – have you stuck to your guns?