In the past few days, you may have been shocked, amazed and plunged into an existential crisis after seeing a video of someone effortlessly peeling a clove of garlic with nothing but a knife.

Of course, food hacks, especially ones about peeling or cutting, aren't anything new, but they have a unique ability to throw into question everything that we thought we knew about the life and the universe.

If you thought that the garlic video was enough to send you into a never-ending tailspin, wait until you see this supercut of food hacks that has also gone viral after it was shared by the account @OoneyAbraymen.

So you can now add fish, shellfish, oranges, herbs and peaches to the list of things that you didn't know how to prepare properly. Plus, there is an alternative way of peeling garlic in there too.

The video has already been viewed more than 14 million times on Twitter and people are starting to wonder if they even know the first thing about well... anything.

However, not everyone was a fan of these unorthodox methods.

Oh and yes you have been breathing incorrectly this entire time...

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