The perfect Christmas present for the children of the person you hate

Ever wanted to know the perfect way to get back at your annoying boss or passive-aggressive in-law?

Well, it’s buying their kids the Frozen songbook and recorder, of course.

The Amazon page earnestly promises ‘Frozen Recorder Fun!’ for customers, but, as always, the internet has other ideas.

A Facebook post by the Poke, picking up on an Amazon commenter’s genius idea, has had 5,500 shares so far.

And the responses have been great:

There have also been some hilarious responses on Amazon.

Imagine Dapper Laughs slowly releasing air from the pursed sphincter of a balloon accompanied by Piers Morgan scraping his mutated nails down a chalkboard whilst Joe Pasquale recites L Ron Hubbard's "Dianetics". Can't imagine such a horrendous attack on your ears? Buy this for your children.

- Brent Sexley

Do you know someone with kids?

Do you hate that person?

Buy them this.

- Barry sausages

I bought this to annoy a friend and boy did it do that! Highly recommended!


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