Man in Grinch costume slammed for confronting family in viral TikTok: ‘He should be fired’

<p>Man in Grinch costume sparks debate after he threatens to send family to back of line in viral TikTok</p>

Man in Grinch costume sparks debate after he threatens to send family to back of line in viral TikTok


The Grinch is known for not being the nicest of guys.

Not only does he hate Christmas, but he also just really dislikes people in general and frequently hurls snarky comments their way.

Sarcastic, rude, and grumpy are all prime aspects of the furry green character—and yet, each holiday season, families bring the Grinch into their homes (by hiring paid actors) or travel far to pay him a visit in various attractions parks across the country.

But when a family stopped by to meet the Grinch at Seuss Land at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, and shared their unusual experience on TikTok, some viewers thought the worker might have crossed the line between loveable Dr.Seuss character and straight-up jerk.

At the start of the video, shared by Kay (, the Grinch is seen talking to a coworker and insists he’s “trying to work”. Kay—who is standing in line waiting to take a picture with him—shouts, “But you’re late!” which is about when everything seems to take a turn for the worse

“Who asked you?” the Grinch quips.

“I’m telling you that you’re laying down and you’re late,” she replies, to which he responds by saying he’s in “a company meeting” and then threatens her by saying: “Stop talking, it’s not even your turn. Do you want to go to the end of the line? I can make that happen.”

“How does another two hours sound?” he adds.

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The text overlay of the TikTok reads: “Lesson learned..don’t talk back to the Grinch.”

In another video, Kay shared how the actual meet and greet went down when it was her and her kids’ turn to pose for a picture with the Grinch.

Remarking that he’s supposed to be excited, the Grinch says, “Can’t you tell I’m excited? To be fair, I don’t hate Christmas, I hate people.”

“No, you hate Whos, you don’t hate people,” Kay says.

He replies: “Yeah, you try working here all day.”

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Needless to say, it was a pretty high tense situation.

In the comments, people were pretty split on who was in the wrong here, with many saying the Grinch was far beyond rude.

“‘Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it back’ no you were being playful and he was straight up rude…obviously having a bad day,” @tashwrigh_t wrote.

“I would’ve immediately started crying cause he meant every word lol,” wrote another person.

“He shouldn’t work there if he’s gonna be mean to a mother in front of her kids,” another comment read, adding: “There’s a difference between grumpy and being straight up mean.”

On the flip side, many think that he played the grouchiness of the Grinch perfectly and some even believe Kay initiated the awkwardness when she yelled at him for being late.

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“Ok, this is why I hate TikTok. Y’all only jump on the bandwagon. It’s the Grinch, literally his personality is mean! Sarcastic, mean, grouchy,” @rickyz025 wrote.

“I’ve always learned that if no one but you or your kids are laughing, it’s usually not funny. I would’ve been annoyed being told ‘I’m late,'” read another comment.

One person wrote: “Imagine going to someone’s job saying they’re late...he was definitely serious...and I don’t feel bad for her...talking too much...gotta read the room.”

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