In this day and age, a politician needs several things to get elected. These include good policies, the ability to speak coherently and deliver a message that resonates with the public and perhaps most important of all - hilarious memes.

You may or may not be aware of the Ireland Simpsons Fans meme account on Twitter and Facebook which has established itself as possibly the best place to find Simpsons memes online.

In Dublin's recent city council elections, the page decided to give their support to Irish Green Party candidate Hazel Chu, who eventually became the first Green candidate to be elected in the country.

One of the memes featured a play on Chu's name, which she picked up on and shared on her own Twitter account, with an elated message, stating that she would be using the meme for her next campaign.

After both she and her husband Patrick Costello were successfully elected to Dublin city council, Chu took to Facebook to thank the page for all of their support and asked for some more ideas for future campaign memes.

Picture:Picture: Facebook

She even thanked the page on Twitter too.

Her heartfelt and amusing thank you prompted a series of further memes from the page and we honestly don't think politics in 2019 will get any better than this.

Their responses clearly went down so well with Chu that we fully expect every politician in the world to be using Simpsons memes for their next campaigns.

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