Pub mocked for ‘delicacy’ of Pot Noodle and a pint

<p>A winning combination?</p>

A winning combination?

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There’s a stereotype that British food is rubbish, so why on Earth is a pub in Hull making everything worse by claiming Pot Noodle is a “delicacy”?

As per the beady eyes of those on social media, The Sailmakers Arms in Yorkshire serves a ‘Hull pub delicacy - which is a Chicken and Mushroom, Beef and Tomato or Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle, with a pint - for just £5.95.


In their own description of the pub, the management at The Sailmakers says: “Situated near the Museums Quarter in Hull’s historic Old Town, The Sailmakers Arms offers a good selection of real ales and ciders, and quality locally-sourced home-cooked food.”

Is boiling a kettle and pouring it over a Pot Noodle home cooking? Perhaps not. And people on Twitter were shocked that they pretended it is:

But the pub will get at least one interested punter:

Dennis Wann, landlord at the pub, said he got the idea while having a Pot Noodle for lunch with his manager. “It was a bit gimmicky,” he told us, and added that the idea was “a bit of a joke and a laugh.”

However, he admitted that the pub hadn’t managed to shift many of the meal combinations thus far.

The pub also sells classic pub food like pies and burgers and even flogs merchandise including T-shirts, to give them some credit.

Think we’re more likely to be ordering one of those dishes if we’re ever lucky enough to visit.

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