Ikea turned children's drawings into cuddly toys for charity

Ikea has launched a range of soft toys, the designs of which are taken directly from children’s drawings.

The scribbled entries have been transformed into products sold internationally in the furniture megastore, with €1 from each toy sold going to children’s education projects run by Unicef and Save the Children.

The winning drawings were created by children aged between four and ten, for the Sagoskatt range, of which one was eight-year-old Olivia Wildman, from Essex.

Carol McSeveney, Ikea Children’s sales leader in UK and Ireland, said:

The final creations show that anything is possible with children’s imaginations.

We believe every child has the right to a healthy, secure childhood and access to quality education, no matter where in the world they live. And because we value doing things together, we turn to our irresistible soft toys for help.

To watch the full video and see all the creations, see below:

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