Influencer criticised for taking Instagram snaps in front of father’s open casket

<p>A funeral home is being sued for negligence. </p>

“This is a hard unfollow. God rest that man’s soul”

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An influencer has been criticised after posting a “disrespectful” series of photos taken in front of her veteran father’s open casket, then posting them on Instagram.

Jayne Rivera, from Miami, Florida, posed in front of the casket dressed in a figure-hugging black dress, complete with tights and heeled boots. The series of eight photos featured Jayne striking a leg pop pose and smirking in a faux-prayer position.

In another shot, there’s a glimpse of her late father’s clasped hands and his casket draped in an American flag. Thankfully, she blocks his face from the camera.

“Butterfly fly away. Rip Papi you were my bestfriend. A life well lived,” read the caption, which was complete with a handful of hashtags, one of which being “#ptsd”.

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People inundated the series of photos with comments of disappointment, urging the 20-year-old to take the “disrespectful” post down.

Some were in such disbelief that led them to believe the “funeral photoshoot” wasn’t real. “Ain’t no way she did this”, one commented, while another questioned the influencer’s integrity: “Are you really posing in front of your father? Making it all about you?”

“The social media generation has officially hit rock bottom”, another user added.

A portion of her 85,000 Instagram followers also took to the post with threats to unfollow the influencer.

“Jayne, delete these pics, apologise for your lack of discretion or I will stop following you and I hope others will do the same,” one raged, while another jumped straight to it: “This is a hard unfollow. God rest that man’s soul,” they said.

“Jesus Christ have some respect. Unfollowed,” another added.

indy100 has reached out to the influencer for comment.

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