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Irish people online want Trump to know he’s not that popular – and there's even a urinal in Dublin with a picture of his face on it.

Donald Trump is gearing up for St Patrick’s Day, and the US president has been courting the Irish; he appeared at a White House with shamrock in the pocket of his suit.

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He also told Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who was visiting America ahead of St Patrick’s Day celebrations he “loved the Irish”.

It’s my great honour to receive this magnificent bowl of Ireland’s great shamrocks.

[Irish people are] full of love, warmth, grit and resolve.

The US has truly been blessed with the luck of the Irish to have you with us today.

Some Irish people want to point out that the US president is not all that popular in Ireland.

In fact, one wants to remind him that a poster of his face exists atop a urinal in a pub in Dublin.

True story.

The sign had been stolen from the Adelphi in Dublin, but it has since been returned. Speaking to indy100, a representative of the pub said:

It was returned to us. It was taken by an employee from of a well known social media company. He took it because he wanted it for his own house

Well then.

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