iShowSpeed vows to 'never return' to Norway: "Scariest day of my life"

iShowSpeed vows to 'never return' to Norway: "Scariest day of my life"
IShowSpeed ordered to stop streaming after celebrating Real Madrid goal at Man …

iShowSpeed’s chaotic European tour took a nasty turn recently after he was attacked by a crowd of frenzied fans in Norway.

In case you’ve missed it, everything that could have happened to the streamer during his visit to Europe basically has happened.

So far he's got kicked out by police at Euro 2024 for trying to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, met the Prime Minister of Albania and has been mistaken for Portugal footballer Rafael Leao in Italy.

Then, in the Netherlands, he was mobbed by fans who surrounded his car, with one of them even managing to open the boot.

Now, he’s vowed never to return to Norway after he was attacked by members of a large crowd.

He was livestreaming inside a souvenir shop in Oslo on July 3 when he looked down into the street and began interacting with a group of fans.

Speed began jumping up and down, shouting Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Siu” catchphrase before hurting his foot and saying: “I think I just broke my ankle.”

The worst moment came when he tried to leave the shop, where he was carried by a security guard through a mob of fans.

He shouted for them to stop as they rushed towards him, but he was separated from his cameraman and began to panic.

Speed made it to his car, but fans jumped up on top of it, with Speed saying that fans had pulled out his hair during the incident.

Speed could also be heard screaming at someone who had apparently got into his car, saying: “It’s not f***ing funny, bro!. You’re not even f***ing listening.”

He then spoke to the camera as fans pounded on his car from outside, saying: “Bro, I’m never coming to this country again. I promise, on God, I’m never coming to this f***ing country.”

The streamer posted a video to YouTube, explaining how it was the “worst day” he’d ever had and showing the entire incident.

the scariest day of my

“My ankle’s broken, they pulled my hair out. They threw water at me. Somebody literally did a WWE Rey Mysterio move and jumped off the car. This was the scariest day of my life. I promise you. I couldn’t even breathe.”

We can’t imagine Speed will be planning another European trip anytime soon…

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