IShowSpeed mobbed by fans in chaotic Amsterdam livestream

IShowSpeed mobbed by fans in chaotic Amsterdam livestream
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American streamer IShowSpeed is everywhere at the moment - during his month-long stay in Europe, so far he's got kicked out by police at Euro 2024 for trying to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, met the Prime Minister of Albania and has been mistaken for Portugal footballer Rafael Leao in Italy.

But his latest stream from Amsterdam in the Netherlands has been by far his most chaotic one yet.

Speed, who has more than 25million subscribers on YouTube, was mobbed by fans with a number of clips from the stream being posted on social media.

X / Twitter account @iShowSpeedHQ shared the videos.

In one video, fans surround his car and one of them managed to open the boot to Speed's surprise.

"What the f**k is going on in the Netherlands?" he asked as he and his team tried to close the boot.

"These Netherlands people are crazy as s**t," he exclaimed.

He also tried Europe's highest swing - but one of his shoes fell off and someone in a crowd then stole it.

His shoe was coming off and he tried to kick it behind him to safety - but ended up kicking it off the top of a high building.

"Oh no, my show fell, my shoe!" he exclaimed.

A crowd then gathered and someone stole his shoe.

"Get me off this s***, get me off this s***, stop this s***, f***, they're fighting for my shoe," he said.

At one point, Speed and his team took a boat to try and escape chasing fans but ended up having to swap in the middle of the water because the boat they were on was too crowded.

Police then came to help and Speed told them the interest is because he plays for the Portugal national football team.

"Portugal, for the Portugal national teams, I play for the Euros and all these people are going crazy," he said.

Speed and his team then managed to get back to the car they were touring the city in - but not before even more chaotic scenes, where Speed's trousers were pulled down and his microphone and belt were taken; he looked quite shaken at this point.

A separate clip showed the vehicle Speed was in taking action to get away from fans following them in their own vehicles.

After that, Speed said: "I thought Albania was crazy? F*** that, Netherlands is the most crazy country I've ever been to, I swear to God.

"Some dude almost pushed me in the damn ocean. I lost my belt, I don't know what else to f****** do."

It's said at the end of the stream, Speed announced he would never stream in Amsterdam again.

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