Jordan Peterson wears weirdest outfit yet and people think an intervention is needed

Psychologist Jordan Peterson could lose license if he refuses social media 're-education'

Controversial clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson may be most well-known for his conservative viewpoints but the 60-year-old is also becoming recognizable for his interesting fashion sense.

In a recent interview with fellow psychologist John Vervaeke for his podcast, The Dr Jordan B Peterson Podcast, many viewers couldn’t help but note Peterson’s outfit.

Peterson appeared in, what seemed to be a velour, cerulean three-piece suit that had pale yellow trim around the lapel, pockets, and cuffs.

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The psychologist paired his suit with tall grey socks and light blue polka-dotted trainers.

Different shades of blue - bold choice Peterson.

To top it all off, Peterson wore a cyan blue tie stamped with Elon Musk’s face stamped across it.

Photos of Peterson were posted to Twitter where people mocked the psychologist for wearing the peculiar suit.





Some people actually liked the suit, one Twitter user wrote, "JBP’s suits are unreasonably cool, wish I had that in my wardrobe."

Another person wrote, "My man going through a swag Renaissance and I’m here for it."

In a video, Peterson told fans his suit was his "Twitter suit" and the lining of it has comments from Twitter about another suit the company, LGFG, made for Peterson.

Peterson said the company approached him with the idea to make 12 suits as an ode to his book 12 Rules of Life.

He called his blue suit "real nice" and "fun."

The psychologist is an outspoken advocate for Musk and his Twitter takeover because he agrees with his freedom of speech philosophy.

Recently, Peterson came under fire from the College of Psychologists of Ontario after receiving a complaint about his social media use.

He was asked to undergo mandatory training or risk losing his clinical psychologist license.

Musk expressed support for Peterson and expressed concern over the situation, believing it to be an infringement on Peterson's freedom of speech.

Luckily, Peterson is still able to express himself through his suits.

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