Who is Kanika Batra and why is she being compared to Andrew Tate?

Who is Kanika Batra and why is she being compared to Andrew Tate?
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An Australian TikTok star has opened up about her life as a diagnosed sociopath, racking up millions of likes in the process.

Kanika Batra, who posts under the username @notkanikabatra frequently posts clips expressing her difficulties getting jobs, maintaining friendships and what it's like dating a sociopath.

Here's everything we know:

Who is Kanika Batra?

Batra is a model, mental health advocate and author of Honeytrap, who has been diagnosed as a high-functioning sociopath (ASPD) and narcissist (NPD). Batra can also act, sing opera and write, according to her YouTube bio.

The 26-year-old was born in New Zealand and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she currently resides.

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She has since garnered millions of likes and has been praised for her candid TikTok clips where she raises awareness of her "highly stigmatised" personality disorders.

In one video, she openly shared her view that "all relationships are transactional", before disclaiming she doesn't mean in terms of money.

"People describe how they feel when they're in love to me, and it doesn't relate to me at all," she continued. "Going into a date, I view that other person as an object as bad as that sounds."

Batra's overall goal is to use her platform as a "safe space" to educate individuals on Cluster B personality disorders (ASPD, BPD, HPD and NPD, "as well as help out others who suffer from these disorders and give them a voice."

Why is she being compared to Andrew Tate?

The model and Miss Universe GB finalist has been compared to the former professional kickboxer and controversial content creator who was banned from many social media platforms. Comparisons Batra has since hit back at.

In a viral clip, Batra said she had no clue why people were comparing her to Tate, nor did she understand why people were insinuating she hated men.

"I talk about mental health and instead of listening, men seem to just insult my physical appearance. I’m not insecure, so I’m fine with that, but there are plenty of women who are," Batra said.


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She suggested that some men believe that all women are narcissists and deserve the abuse they received.

"Some women still stick up with these men which I find absolutely ridiculous. Ladies, it’s time for some pushback. I’m a sociopath, trust me when I say these men are gaslighting you," she said at the end of the video.

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