21 of the best Kate Middleton Photoshop memes

21 of the best Kate Middleton Photoshop memes
Kate Middleton admits to 'editing' family photo
Fox - LA / VideoElephant

Kate Middleton’s apology about the now-infamous edited Mother’s Day photo has instantly become an online meme.

The ongoing mystery surrounding Catherine, The Princess of Wales, deepened on Sunday (10 March) after Kensington Palace released an image of her with her three children that was retracted by news agencies after several editing errors were spotted in it.

It comes as concern and rumours were already growing about the Princesses' whereabouts after not being officially seen since Christmas Day and having alleged surgery.

Yesterday (11 March), in a post on the official X/Twitter account, Middleton apologised for the “experiment”, explaining: “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused.”

The apology statement in itself has since become a meme, as people have shared their hilariously edited photos along with Middleton’s words.

Writer Bolu Babalola shared a picture of herself with the actor Michael B. Jordan.

Another person shared the famous Kevin James meme that had breasts edited onto it.

One X/Twitter user shared Brooklyn Beckham’s famously mocked photo of an elephant in his photography book.

Someone else shared a picture of themselves edited to look like a Centaur.

Others mocked Kate's photoshop skills overall.

Amongst the online memes, there appears to be some debate over whether the apology statement did more harm than good in terms of stopping the rumour mill.

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