Meet Lewdle, the NSFW version of Wordle

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There is something tempting about guessing vulgar words when completing the Wordle of the day.

Take the other day for example, when the Wordle answer was "choke", people all over the internet joked about guessing "chode". We all secretly wanted that to be the right answer.

But when the New York Times acquired Wordle, the company removed all vulgar language as an answer or a guess. The game will not allow you to submit inappropriate words as answers, leaving many disappointed.

However, much like Quordle and Worldle there is a new variation of Wordle - meet Lewdle the NSFW word puzzle that only allows vulgar answers and guesses.

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That's right, Lewdle doesn't even allow for normal word guesses, they all fall under the camp of rude words. If a player tries to guess a non-rude word, the game will ask you to pick a word in their "Dicktionary".

If anything, the game requires more creativity than Wordle.

The NSFW game was created by screenwriter and author Gary Whitta and independent game designer, Adam Nickerson. The two launched the game in mid-January at the height of the Wordle obsession.

Lewdle is not the first NSFW Wordle alternative, back in January a freelance writer unveiled Sweardle. However, we must say Lewdle may just be more profane.

The game is set up the same as Wordle, users have six tries to guess a five-letter lewd word. If you guess the word- congrats you have a filthy mind. But if you don't you can try again the next day.

As a bonus, the game will also give you the definition of the Lewdle of the day to keep users better informed.

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