Logan Paul and Nina Agdal's pregnancy announcement sparks awful sexism from trolls

Logan Paul and Nina Agdal's pregnancy announcement sparks awful sexism from trolls
Model Nina Agdal is pregnant, expecting first baby with YouTuber Logan Paul
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Announcing a pregnancy is supposed to be an incredibly special moment - an opportunity to tell nearest and dearest, or even the world, about the bundle of joy that's about to be welcomed.

But sadly in doing so, Logan Paul and Nina Agdal have been targeted by abhorrent abuse on social media, with Nina being the target of a number of sexist posts.

YouTuber, WWE superstar and boxer Paul and Danish model Agdal announced their news on social media, publishing a joint post of them both kissing with Paul holding up pictures of baby scans with the caption: "Another Paul coming this Fall."

At the time of writing, the post has more than 1.3m likes and 13.7k comments.

But a number of those comments, and posts on other platforms, have targeted Nina.

Dillon Danis fought Logan in a Misfits boxing match and was disqualified for an illegal move in the final round of their six round fight which then ended with a mass brawl in October 2023.

The two social media stars had bad blood heading into the fight and tensions boiled over.

Logan was reportedly asked a few days later if he would do a MMA fight with Dillon but seemed to close that chapter.

But it's not stopped Dillon taking aim at Logan and Nina ever since and his latest post appears to show an AI generated image of Logan and Nina with a mixed-race baby.

Others have posted abuse aimed at Nina too.

On the Instagram post, raph9nine9 said: "Might not be his, just saying. Iykyk."

nathos___ said: "Who's the father."

ace_.boutabag said: "Ain't his girl have her mouth on another guys meat???"

Most comments and posts are supportive of Logan and Nina.

It's not the first time Nina has been subject to sexist abuse online.

In the lead up to the fight between Logan and Dillon, UFC star Conor McGregor posted on X / Twitter: "Logan, me and her, what's up."

It was quickly deleted by Conor but not before it was spotted and circulated.

Nina was also targeted after an explicit video of a girl went viral which was claimed to look like her but it was quickly debunked.

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