Man calls girlfriend’s dad a d***head outside his house – then realises he’s on camera

Man calls girlfriend’s dad a d***head outside his house – then realises he’s on camera

Normally when you visit the parents of your partner you remember to be on your best behaviour.

However, typically you’re safe until they open the front door.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for one sorry man, who decided to slag off his other half’s dad as he waited outside his home.

Doorbell footage captured the slip-up, which saw the boyfriend calling his potential father-in-law a less-than-polite name to someone on the phone.

In the short clip, which was later shared on TikTok, he can be heard saying: “Alright, well, yeah, I gotta go meet this d***head so…”

At that very moment he spots the tiny camera and lets out a groan of “ugggghh goddammit.”

No sooner had he uttered the words, he realised his mistake@corighteous/TikTok

The recording, captioned “when you realise her dad has a doorbell cam,” has racked up more than 2.4 million views and 1,000 comments on the platform, as scores of fellow TikTokers voiced their second-hand embarrassment at the scene.

“My dad would greet him by pumping his shotgun,” one viewer wrote.

“I would’ve just turned around and left,” said another.

Addressing the original poster, a third agreed, saying: “I hope you just turned around and went home because that was it for dad, I can promise you that.”

Others considered the girlfriend in the scenario, with one writing: “If he feels that way about her family she dodged a bullet knowing it now.”

While another said: “He ain’t the one sis!”

Meanwhile, some users took a more light-hearted approach, with one commenting: “My dad would have just laughed.”

However, another summed up the general mood in one simple analysis: “If regret was a video,” they wrote.

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