Woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend by rejecting him from fake job

A woman went viral after sharing a technique she says will catch out any cheater.

Kenzie Curran, who goes by @keepinupwkenz on TikTok, took to her platform to explain her story.

She said that she became suspicious that her boyfriend of two years might have been unfaithful to her in their relationship, and confronted him in a unique way to find out.

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Once she found out that he was home, she video called him and asked him to prop up his phone and sit away from it - all before asking him for the password to his Snapchat account.

Curran said her boyfriend claimed that he "didn't know" his Snapchat password, so she asked him to screen record the process of him going into his Snapchat account and scrolling through messages.


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However, in a second video, Kenzie said that she told him to send the recording, and he refused. This confirmed to her that there were things on his account that he didn't want her to see.

"He never sent it. I asked him where the video was, and he said it was sending. I told him I wasn't getting it, and afterwards he said he didn't send it. That's how I found out he was cheating. I didn't have to be there," she said.

For more context, Curran also wrote on the video and said her boyfriend "admitted" not sending the recording when he "literally couldn't find a way out of" doing what she asked.

People in the video's comments had mixed emotions about Curran's approach. Some believed she was in the right, while others thought if she had this sort of feeling, she should've just ended the relationship.

"I've done something very similar!!!! You go, girl," one wrote.

Another added: "YOU ARE A GENIUS."

A third wrote: "If u feel like you even have to do something like this, you need to break up," one wrote, which led Curran to respond with: "I had to find out before, lmao."

"Someone else who spoke about "trust" added: "No relationship without trust. If you feel you need to look at his personal social media, he isn't the one."

Other women have also discovered hacks to catch their cheating partners.

One woman on TikTok caught her boyfriend cheating using Cash App when she typed in a phone number that he had been texting.

She also said that people could go to Facebook and select the "forgot password" option and add a suspicious cell phone number, which should show the name of the person with that phone number.

Another woman came up with the trick of opening the sun visor on the passenger side of her boyfriend's car and pulling its mirror halfway before closing the visor with the mirror still partially opening to reveal if the visor mirror was used by someone else or not.

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