<p>Qiaochu Yuan divided Twitter with his elaborate musings on his own life</p>

Qiaochu Yuan divided Twitter with his elaborate musings on his own life


A man has gone viral on Twitter after penning a 35-part thread unpicking why he “resents” his parents for spoiling him.

Qiaochu Yuan, who goes by the username Magnificent Adult Baby, said his epic monologue came about after he took a “medium dose” of LSD and landed on some “embarrassing” truths about his life.

In his posts, Yuan recounted how his mother gave him $100,000 (around £73,400) for his birthday last year, and how he “resented her for this” but also “repressed the resentment”.

He went on to reveal that he hadn’t had a job in three years – a fact that he put down to his parents constantly sending him cash.

“The truth is that your finances aren’t separate from your parents’ finances and they never have been,” he admitted to himself. “You resent your mum for sending you $100,000 because she forcefully reminded you of this fact.

"You feel like you were told by society that the way making a living works is that you do labour and are paid a fair wage for your labour [...] you feel guilty because you’ve never done this.”

He continued: "The reason you’re alive right now and not starving to death on the street even though you haven’t had a job in three years is because your parents send you money because they love you."

Yuan then described himself as “Harry f***ing Potter”, saying: “I’m literally being protected by my parents’ love in the form of money and I always have been. How incredibly embarrassing.”

“And then I was like, oh my god am I a spoiled rich kid?,” he went on, adding that this would be “even worse.”

His rant continued with an assessment of his childhood and education, including the $175,000 (£151,200) his parents paid in tuition fees during his time at MIT university.

“They were paying for all of my living expenses in both college and grad school,” he confessed. “I never talked about this with anyone, really.

“I had friends in college who would complain about money problems and I didn’t know what they meant and was too embarrassed to ask.”

However, whilst he “recognised” that he was “speaking from a position of extreme privilege”, he insisted that “this wasn’t all upside.”

“My parents took care of me materially at the expense of taking care of me emotionally,” Yuan said.

He explained that he was “very spoiled” and that his mum and dad “never even made me do chores”  which, “in retrospect wasn’t good for me” and “led to me being incredibly sheltered in a bunch of ways.”

Yuan’s soliloquy ended with him acknowledging that “when I explain my current life circumstances to myself in a matter-of-fact way it does not look good.”

He explained: “I literally have no job, no gf, no friends (in the sense of people I interact with in real life regularly), no community, no mission, no purpose, no team, no religion…”

But asking himself what he should do with his life he concluded: “Just keep writing,” adding: “You literally don’t have to have a plan for how the rest of your life goes.”

His thread was met with a mixture of horror and compassion, as some fellow Twitter users offered little sympathy (or empathy) with his turmoil, while others said they “understood”.

Here’s a glimpse at the general response:

However, responding to the backlash, Yuan explained that he had received numerous private messages of support, some from people who claimed to be in a similar position:

“That’s who I write these threads for,” he said.

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