A student got the best revenge after his father told him he couldn't handle college

Fox 2

Daivon Reeder’s stepdad told him he shouldn’t bother going to college. Four years later, well, this happened:

Reeder will graduate today with a degree in criminal justice and military science.

He told Fox2:

I kind of heard that and I was like ok, I'll show you. 

I looked at the picture and the emoji of me laughing I thought that was an ironic situation - we are in two different situations in our lives. Look what you said and look where you are at

Reeder, who is the first in his family to go to college, said his degree was postponed due to family issues, and he never had a father figure growing up.

Just because somebody says you can't do something seems hard or it's not the norm, or it’s something your family is not used to doing, you can be the change. You can be the difference.

His amazing message has been retweeted more than 136,000 times, and people have quite rightly been sending their congratulations:

Hell yeah.

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