<p>A TikToker shared himself following instructions word-for-word, with some odd consequences.</p>

A TikToker shared himself following instructions word-for-word, with some odd consequences.


We all know that instructions for assembling furniture and other products can be hard to understand – but this TikTok shows it doesn’t always pay to follow the guidelines too closely.

Chris Dahmen shared a TikTok of himself after he purchased a new 11 Fin Oil Heat from Kmart but as he began to read the instructions, he discovered one very odd request .

He says: “So I bought this oil heater from Kmart, guys. Reading the instructions it says here ‘the room must be insulted for best results’.

Now, from what we’ve gathered, the intended word was supposed to be “insulated” (you’re welcome) but what’s a missing “a” between friends?

Hilariously, Chris decided to follow the instructions (understandably, not wanting to take any risks) and recorded himself walking into the room and doing just as he was told – insulting the room.

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In the clip, he says to the room: “Yeah, you suck.”

He then proceeds to plug the fan in and says sarcastically: “Yeah I think we’re good to go now guys, perfect.”

The sentence had a typo that completely changed the meaning of the instructions.

The video has more than 67,000 views and clearly tickled viewers.

One person commented: “If it doesn’t work properly the room might need to be insulted some more.”

“I’ve bought so many Kmart things and the instructions has so much bad grammar,” another person wrote.

A third person replied: “Omg this is golden, thanks for making my night.”

“I think you didn’t insult the room enough,” someone else joked.

It just goes to show, one spelling error can change an entire meaning of a sentence.

You can watch the full video here.

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