McDonald’s worker reveals how he reheats fries for demanding customers

McDonald’s worker reveals how he reheats fries for demanding customers

Someone claiming to be McDonald’s worker has gone viral after taking to TikTok to reveal what happens when customers “demand” fresh fries.

The short clip, posted by Deandre Byars (@dresav92), has amassed almost a million views since Wednesday. It shows the worker scooping up the cold fries and putting them back into the fryer.

Surprisingly, most users didn’t seem too concerned about the method “as long as they aren’t cold, tough or soggy.”

“Lol, that’s fine as long as they’re hot,” one said, while another advised, “Always ask for fries with no salt and they will a hundred per cent be fresh! Bring your own salt!”

A fellow TikTok user argued, “How is asking for fresh fries rude? I swear people love to do the bare minimum”, to which the McDonald’s worker responded: “DEMANDING and ASKING are TWO different things.”

Another joked: “Then you have to remake them because we all know they’re not fresh and complain, so you’re really playing yourself.”

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This isn’t the first time McDonald’s workers have turned to TikTok to share the restaurant’s best-kept secrets.

In a since-deleted video, a New Zealand McDonald’s worker revealed that when you’re in the drive-thru, workers can hear everything – even when their microphones are turned off. McDonald’s told indy100 that microphones are necessary to pick up audio, but the conversations are not recorded.

She also revealed that their cameras take a “mugshot” to avoid confusion with the orders.

Lastly, she claimed there’s a secret recipe book that customers can order – but it isn’t what it seems. Instead, it is a fundraising item for Ronald McDonald House Charities three years ago, featuring recipes from the menu of restaurants.

Indy100 has reached out to McDonald’s and @dresav92for comment.

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