The McDonalds ice-cream machine is broken so often it’s become a TikTok anthem
Photo courtesy of @damedamian/TikTok

More often than not, if you go to McDonald’s and ask for a McFlurry or other ice cream treats, the machine is miraculously broken.

It sometimes feels like a 21st-century mystery.

Now TikToker @damedamian, who has 2.7 million followers, created a catchy song about the struggles of the ice cream machine being broken and the customers' frustration over it.

View it here.

The video - a comedic representation of an altercation between the customer and an employee - has 7 million views, which shows you just how many people care about this dessert-disappointment phenomenon.

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Other TikTok users then made their own hilarious spin on it, even recreating Dame’s original post with computer-generated 3-D cats.

LadBible have also covered a guy called Johnny Harris, a filmmaker and YouTuber, who researched the reason for all the broken ice cream machines. The film also talks about McBroken, a piece of software created by Rashiq Zahid that checks to see what McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken across the United States.

Zahid’s software shows the McDonald’s restaurants across the country with a “green or red dot.” Green means that the ice cream machine is good to go. Red means it’s not working.

Apparently the soft-serve machine - created by a company called Taylor - is blighted by heat cycle issues. When issues happen, staff have to re-do the cycle, or the machine gets locked. 

The machines can only be maintained and fixed through Taylor, which explains the lengthy delays.

The issue with McDonald’s ice cream machines across America may never end, but it did produce hilarious and entertaining content.

Check out Johnny Harris’ YouTube Documentary about the case of the McDonald’s  ice cream machines down below.

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