<p>The McDonalds employee says she gives her friends discounted food</p>

The McDonalds employee says she gives her friends discounted food


F is for friends who give each other free things, right?

According to TikTok user Chanel @theyhatece, it definitely should be anyway.

In a video shared on the popular social media app, the McDonalds employee joked about charing her friends way less than their total would have been had she not taken it upon herself to give them a special discount.

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“Trying to explain to my manager why my friends only paid $2.37 for a $30 order,” the text in the video read.


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She also captioned the post, “Umm, Lemme think for a sec.”

The video has since garnered over 1.5 million views.

And it seems as though the TikTok user isn’t the only fast food or retail worker hooking her friends up.

More loyal friends shared their own experience in the comments:

One wrote, “gotta ring them up for the cheapest thing on the menu and then give them the employee discount!!”

“me telling my manager that I miscounted the nuggets when I put like 15 in each 10-piece box,” wrote another.

“When I was a butcher I used to give discounts and weigh everything as pig bones,” @bludyrabbit wrote.

“no cap when my boys used to come through the drive thru I jus used to press exact cash n let em go, and went on with my day,” another comment read.

“Bath and body works...99% discount for all my friends when I worked there,” another said.

Another shared their discount is the least their jobs could do for them, “Shidd may as well get sum outta working there for minimum wage.”

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